By practitioners, for practitioners.

Talkiatry is built from the ground up by mental health professionals. We believe that solving the accessibility issues in mental health care starts with taking care of our providers. We have dealt with the problems that the mental health industry is facing. From not having a fully featured front and back office in group and private practice settings, to being overworked and underpaid in hospital settings. We built this company to leverage a more modern set of tools so that providers can have a much more fulfilling and effective career experience as part of Talkiatry.

Our promises.

Competitive compensation that combines the benefits of your individual practice and the stability of a group practice.

A comprehensive employee benefits package designed specifically for high earning practitioners in a tax advantaged manner.

Lighter administrative burden and schedule flexibility—you just focus on providing great medical care, on your timing.

Access to size, scale and technology, increasing reimbursement rates and lowering ancillary costs in order to help you retain more of your earnings.

A strong in-house referral network that allows you to refer patients to specialists and easily share information.

A strong pipeline of new patients that fit your patient criteria.

We’re hiring.

We’re hiring in our New York offices. Do we sound like a fit? Reach out—we’d love to get to know you.

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