Covered by insurance.

We want you to focus on your mental health and not worry about all the steps you’re traditionally forced to take to begin personal healing — like finding the right psychiatrist who takes insurance.

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Psychiatrists who listen.

We pay attention to what is best for our patients and if that means providing therapy instead of or in conjunction with medication, that's what we'll do. We are excited to meet you - in person.

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A positive space.

We think outside the (clinical) box. We designed our spaces for you to feel comfortable and empowered. Free from the restrictions of hospitals and outpatient mental health facilities, we are able to design brilliant spaces that you enjoy being in.

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Let’s talk — at your convenience

We understand that life is busy and you may not be able to see us on a consistent schedule, that’s why our office times are varied and our scheduling portal is open 24/7. We are focused on complete mental health care and if that means having a video session because you are out of town — that’s what we’ll do.

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